Face Masks

Kool Kustom Face Mask can be worn daily to keep you and the people around you safe

 This unprecedented Covid-19 virus has hit all of us very hard. Similar to many other small businesses across the globe, we have seen a drastic decrease in business. In order to stay relevant we have chosen to offer custom face masks, as they are  now a part of our daily lives. 

The most important thing for all of us is to continue to stay safe. No matter what we may personally think, science proves that the best ways to prevent the spread of this virus are to stay home, wash hands, frequently disinfect, and when we do need to go out, we cover our faces. 

  • Our Kool Joe Kustom masks are made from a cotton/ poly blend fabric.The designs are various types of vinyl. 

  • They are washable and reusable.  

  • These do offer more protection than having no mask at all.  

  • We encourage you to use the blue filters that we include when you wear the masks in public. This adds a layer of protection that is comparable to the materials used to make N95 masks. 

  • Of course our masks are not fit tested, while they will fit almost all faces. The actual way they cover your nose and mouth will vary by individual. 

  • To use the blue filters, simply place it on the inside of the mask before putting it on. Position the ear loop over one ear, adjust the mask and filter to cover nose and mouth. Then pull the other ear loop around the other ear. The mask can stretch a bit if needed. 

These are not meant to replace the N95 masks worn by healthcare workers — they're designed to be an alternative to only the cotton masks.

These are not medical grade masks. They are a way to be safe and fashionable.

Thank you again for your support. Stay safe and Be Kool. 

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